Trusty Plumbers Gas Leak Got You Down? Turn That Frown Upside Down!

Gas Leak Got You Down? Turn That Frown Upside Down!

Gas Leak Got You Down? Turn That Frown Upside Down!

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Have you ever been suspicious about a gas leak in your home? The smell of natural or propane flame can be quite terrifying. It’s important to know that these leaks are typically dangerous. They could cause extensive damage inside and outside the house if not fixed quickly enough.

No one wants their home burnt down! As you know, gas is highly flammable. It will burn when exposed to a spark or fire. This could lead not only to property damage but even death as well (in some cases).

Should you, as a homeowner, get involved or contact a professional plumber? In this article, we’ll explore some considerations.

Gas Leak: How to Detect Them

1. Do You Hear a Hissing Sound?

The sound of gas escaping will be like someone hissing through your pipes. When you notice such a noise, it is important to identify the sources so that any gas leaks can be fixed before they cause major damage.

2. Do You Smell Rotten Eggs?

Natural gas is odorless by nature. The gas company realized that this could be extremely dangerous, so they came up with a way to help households detect leaks. When you smell natural gas, your first thought might be of rotten eggs. The natural gas companies found a way to add this unpleasant smell as a warning. So, the next time you notice a rotten type smell, take caution you might have a gas leak.

gas leak dead grass3. Can You See Dead Grass Where Your Gas Line Is?

If you have an outdoor gas leak in your home’s pipes it can be a challenge to identify unless you notice an odor. However, dead grass can be a sign that there might be an underground gas line leaking in your outdoor space. The leak causes plants to die and turn brown or white depending on their species. This tells us it’s time to call a professional.

BUT FIRST, shut off the gas line at the main. It’s usually on the side of the house. You will need pliers, a vise grip, or a crescent wrench for this job. We recommend you keep a vise-grip on your outside gas line at all times in case you need to quickly turn it off. (Like in an earthquake.)

Gas Leak: Precautions to Take Before Repair

When you notice that your gas line has leaked, there are some precautions that should be taken.

1. You’ll Want to Get Your Family Out of The House Before it Becomes a Dangerous Place.

2. Do Not Switch on Any Lights or Use Your Home Phone.

3. You Don’t Want to Start Your Car. If You Must Leave Walk or Rely on Public Transportation.

4. Obviously, don’t light a cigarette.

If All This Sounds Dangerous it’s Because it is!

With our help, you’ll be able to get your gas plumbing in tip-top shape. You should know that this is a complex process and you should call us immediately
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Always Best to Leave it to a Professional

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