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Professional Leak Detection Services

A Leak Can Ruin the Foundation of Your Property if Not Detected in Time

If you had a leak in your home you know how much damage water can cause to your floors, walls, cabinets, furniture, etc. But did you know that some of the worst problems a leak can cause are damage to your home’s foundation? If a leak goes undetected for too long under your property it can cause the soil to become saturated and therefore unstable. Also, an ongoing leak underground can wash away quite a bit of soil over time and can even create a sinkhole under a slab foundation.

How Do I Know if I Have a Leak?

Some indicators that you may have an ongoing leak; is a spike in your water bill, reduced water pressure, the constant sound of running water, and of course visible signs of water damage. A simple way to check if it is a leak on a live water line is to check your water meter to see if it is running while nobody is using water in the home. We can come out and do this initial check for you at no charge. Give us a call!

If electronic leak detection services are necessary, we can come out to perform a professional electronic leak detection service for you at a competitive rate. Call our office for a free quote. We are a local, honest, & reliable plumbing company, so you can be sure you are getting a quality leak evaluation.

Why Hire Trusty Plumbers For Repair of Leak Detection?

  • Our technicians are thoroughly trained on this proprietary plumbing equipment at the manufacturer’s facilities and through on-going field training.
  • We are equipped with the latest in leak detection and line tracing technology.
  • You are guaranteed a fair and honest evaluation of your leak detection and leak repair needs.
  • We are a fair priced local, honest, & reliable plumbing company.
  • We stand behind all of our work with our Trusty Plumber Guarantee.

That is what makes Trusty Plumbers the best choice to service your leaky pipes.

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