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How to Make Your Shower Pressure Sing

How to Make Your Shower Pressure Sing

Shower Pressure

A hot shower can start off your day on the right foot.

So, what happens when you step into the shower and find out that there isn’t enough water pressure to give you the refreshing shower you were hoping for?

Water pressure can be lost in a shower due to many reasons. This article will help you fix the problem and know when it’s time to call for professional help.

The Importance of Shower Pressure

Beyond not feeling clean and the disappointment of a terrible shower, low water pressure can mean that you have an issue with your home’s plumbing system. You can avoid all that by getting a qualified plumbing service to fix it quickly.

The Causes of Low Shower Pressure:

  1. Because the head itself has lower flow rates to conserve resources. Check to see if your showerhead is adjustable.
  2. You might also have a showerhead that’s clogged with mineral deposits. This is an easy fix, any kind of vinegar and a scrub brush to dislodge the mineral deposits. If that doesn’t work just swap in a new showerhead.
  3. With a single-handle faucet, there is a mixing valve that controls how hot and cold your water gets. If this part wears out then you may experience slower pressure or failure to regulate temperature properly. So you may need to replace the valve.
  4. Your home also has a water pressure regulator that’s located on the mainline coming into your home. Its purpose is to maintain a safe range of water pressure. If it malfunctions, this can also cause your shower pressure to suffer.
  5. You may have a valve that’s stuck closed somewhere in your plumbing system, which can limit the flow of water.
  6. When your pipes start leaking or corroding, it can cause serious structural damage to the inside of a home. When it happens the least of your problems will be shower pressure.
  7. Lastly, you could just have a water heater that needs replacing.

How to Install a New Showerhead

  • Firstly, find a showerhead that meets your needs.
  • Simply unscrew the old one. You may need a wrench if it’s firmly on there.
  • Wrap the threads of the shower faucet in Teflon tape.
  • Lastly, screw on the new showerhead. Voila! Enjoy a nice hot shower.

When it’s Time to Call in the Professionals

When issues arise with your water heater, pressure regulator, or valves it’s not a good idea to try and fix them yourself if you lack the appropriate experience.

That’s why you should leave it to the experts at Trusty Plumbers. Our reputation has allowed this company to grow over the years and expand the various plumbing services we offer.

When you trust Trusty Plumbers you’ll get honest, fair priced and reliable plumbing services.

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