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Plumbing Service and Repair from Trusty Plumbing

Some of the many plumbing services we offer:

Drain Cleaning & Rooter Service

When it comes to your drains, an ounce of prevention is more than worth your while. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise, you can proactively clean your drains to prolong their longevity and prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Routinely cleaning your drains as part of a plumbing maintenance plan will protect your pipes, keep water draining efficiently, and prevent unwanted smells from buildup and blockages. 

If you are having draining issues or have backups or clogs affecting your plumbing, Trusty Plumbers will assess the main cause, clear and clean your pipes, repair any damages, and get your plumbing back online. If you are looking for an old-school honest plumber to service your plumbing needs you don’t need to look any further. Call us for a free estimate!

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Leak Detection

Leak Detection & Water Leak Prevention

Water leaks not only damage floors, walls, and furniture but can also ruin the foundation of your property. Signs that you may have a leak include

  • Spike in your water bill
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Constant sound of running water
  • Visible signs of water damage

We are fully equipped to detect plumbing leaks, including electronic high sensitivity listening equipment, electronic line tracing equipment, thermal imaging devices, dyes, and tools. We also staff  experienced and licensed technicians who regularly update their skills through process and equipment training. Rely on Trusty Plumbers for a professional leak detection technician!.


Do you know the age and makeup of your pipes? Along with electronics, pipe technology has improved significantly over the years. Piping material and install date directly affect the longevity of your plumbing system and can predict future problems. If you are in the market for new pipes or suspect that your current pipes are the cause of current plumbing issues, we can assist you with new pipes or repiping. Trusty Plumbers offer high-quality copper and PEX repipes as well as hybrid solutions. PEX piping is high-density polyethylene tubing. This type of system is resistant to build up from:

  • Lime
  • Chlorine
  • Oxidation

The copper repiping will add value to your property and help to balance water pressure and temperature. We guarantee you the best and expert repiping services within a pocket-friendly budget.

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water filtration

Water Filtration & Softeners

 Do you need basic filter replacement, installation of a whole house filtration system, or a water softener? Water softening can provide a number of benefits such as reducing energy costs, preventing mineral buildup in your pipes and faucets, and shower walls. It also alleviates the issues caused by hard water in laundry, cleaning and showering. We can also install a reverse osmosis water filtration system in your kitchen, which results in a high quality H20. Whatever your need, Trusty Plumbers will help you assess and implement the best system for your residence or commercial property.

Water Heater Installation

Are you looking for assistance with a hot water heater? Perhaps you want to purchase or install a new model? Or move your current heater to a different location? Are you interested in tankless water heaters? Whatever the case, Trusty Plumbers is here to help! Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to facilitate your hot water heater needs. We will talk and walk you through options of energy source (gas, electric), type (tank, tankless), location, and brand. We have our preferred brand and are happy to discuss any particular brand that you desire. Our goal is to get you exactly what you want for your budget!

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