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Hydro-jet Drain Cleaning Services

Hydrojetting is a method of drain cleaning that is useful for the removal of a variety of drain stoppages.  Which types of stoppages a Hydrojet machine can remove from a drain, and which situations a Hydrojetter  would be most effective can be determined by understanding how a Hydrojet machine works.

Most Hydrojetters used for residential drain cleaning have an output pressure between 1500-5000 PSI.  The machine uses a motor & pump and has a water connection either to a live water supply (garden hose) or to a water storage tank.  The motor and pump mix the high pressure air with the water to spray the water out of the nozzle to clean the walls of the drain pipe.

Hydro Jetting

There are several types of Hydro-jet heads.  The style pictured above is a fairly typical configuration.  One spray forward with 4-8 sprays backward.  The forward facing spray is to poke a hole in blockages in the sewer or waste drain pipe.  The rear facing sprays pull the hose forward while scouring the walls of the pipe to remove all build up. 

The spray is strong enough to remove most any build up inside of the drain piping.  A water jet can be very powerful.  It could even cut through your skin, bones, and remove your car’s paint.  Therefore, it can easily remove any limescale, grease, soap build-up, hair, rust and mineral deposits, and various types of debris from the piping.  Hydro-jetting can also cut through roots that have found their way into your sewer or drain lines.

At the same time, hydro-jetting will not harm the walls of the pipe itself.  Of course this assumes that proper approved plumbing piping was used and that it is still in fair condition without any cracks, holes, or other things that could compromise the integrity of the piping.  If there is a crack or a hole, the hydrojetter will certainly clean any sludge or build up that may have been preventing a leak at that location.  So, please be aware that if your pipes are in poor condition already the hydrojetter will not fix those conditions.  Pipe with cracks or holes should be replaced immediately to avoid any unsanitary conditions in your home or in the soil (underground piping).

At Trusty Plumbers we are equipped with the standard drain snaking equipment.  But we are also fully equipped with all the necessary high tech drain cleaning equipment such as sewer & drain cameras & monitors, sewer & drain pipe locating equipment, Mini-Miller Picote machine, and of course several variations of hydro jetting equipment.

The icing on the cake is that we have several sewer & drain specialists at Trusty Plumbers, each with years of experience so that you can rest assured you are getting quality work. 

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